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I am trying to get started on android development, because I am a long time user of RubyMine I thought I will give a try to IntelliJ for android dev.

Installed IntelliJ 12, click `New Project` select `Android Module` click `New` on the `Project sdk` navigate to the latest Android SDK and click choose. I get the following error:

No Java SDK of appropriate version found. In addition to the Android SDK, you need to define a JSDK

How do I work around it? How do I create a new Android Project?

Thank you,



There is no way to "work around" it. To make Android development with IntelliJ you need both Oracle Java SDK and Android SDK. After this message you'll be asked about a path to JSDK, and then Android SDK.


Hi Eugene,

Unfortunately all I have is the above message, nothing happens after I press ok, I don't get asked to select a java sdk.



My solution,

My solution to this was to creata a project using the android sdk tools from command line, open it in IntelliJ, configure the java sdk and the android sdk.

Next time I select `Create Project` the configuration is preset to the previouse settings.



Could you please try the latest IDEA 12.1 EAP to check if the problem is actual?


Will try this evening and get back to you,

Thank's for the reply


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