Maven2-spring external properties file undetected under main/resources

I have a maven2 project with the standard directory layout ( I have created a spring bean configuration xml under project_dir/main/resources.

... ]]>

The editor incorrectly complains that the file doesn't exist (it's looking for under project_dir). What's weird is that if I add a property that doesn't exist in the properties file and press Alt + Enter I get an intention action allowing me to add the property to project_dir/main/resources/

Can you please fix the spring model inspection to correctly detect the properties file located in project_dir/main/resources


Hello Omair-Inam Abdul-Matin,

In general it's recommended to use classpath resources, eg. "".



Thanks Taras,

After I add the directory containing my config file to the classpath IntelliJ picked it up


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