Does no-one at Jetbrains delete anything?

...or do they just not use SVN?

Try as I might, I can't delete the restrictions directory shown above. I delete it, and as soon as I do an update IDEA puts it back. Am I missing something obvious?

I've also had various problems which I suspect are related. If I rename a class, sometimes IDEA will leave remnants of the old file, but I can't work out if it's actually leaving the old file in the first place, or if it's putting it back after an update. I haven't managed to reproduce this reliably, but the directory above happens every time.

Is anyone else seeing this? I saw it with the Milestone, and upgraded to the EAP to try the new VCS code, but it still happens in 7041.


Picture 2.png
Picture 1.png
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Further problems with deleting:

I delete a file in Intellij, it disappears from the project view. Compiling within IDEA works fine. svn on the command line reports the file as deleted, but it still exists in the local file system so building with Ant fails. If I close IDEA and restart it, the file appears in the project view as not under version control but compilation still works. I've just now seen this on my workmate's 7.0m1b, but I've seen something similar on the EAP build as well.

This is extremely annoying (and dangerous) with large refactorings, because this affects class renames, and the effect is extremely non-obvious. I haven't filed any JIRAs so far because it's usually considerably after the fact that I notice it and I'm no longer sure of the exact sequence of events.

Is no-one else seeing anything like this?

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Added and voted. There seem to be a bunch of related errors, mostly to do with not correctly deleting files under various circumstances. The problem is it's usually as a result of refactoring and I don't notice until it's too late to be sure what happened. Renaming packages is a sure way to trigger it at the moment.


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