Tutorial Apache Axis web service returning complex types (IntelliJ)

Hi guys,

I'm completely new to web services, but to get my degree I need to configure some web services in a company with a very complex system.

However I already did many research and some simple tutorials (sending and receiving strings from client to web service), I'm unable to create a Apache Axis 1.4 web service that returns (a list of) complex types. Does anyone here have any good tutorial(s) for me, about complex types? And it would be a God's gift is the tutorials used IntelliJ.

The tutorial I used to develop the web service using strings is the following: http://wiki.jetbrains.net/intellij/Developing_a_simple_Apache_Axis_WebService

Thanks in advance.


Apache Axis 1.4 ? is it your choice or it must be it? :^O


I'm working on software of the company, and I'm not allowed to update any of it. So it has to run on Apache Axis 1.4. And yes, every error or problem I encouter, and google, is outdated since 2007 or earlier. And since web services were not that popular in 2007, there is not many information available, unfortunately.


Well, we have a legacy system which was axis 1.1 and was recently upgraded to 1.4 :D with a lot of complex types... works fine, there are only some initialization exceptions of java.util.Calendar and maybe something else...
But I have added SpringWebService for the new calls, much better :^O

Do you have that list wrapped inside other complex type?


Well, first I'd like to start off with a list of "simple" complex types, without another list or complex type in it. Do you, perhaps, have a simple beginners (step to step preferably) tutorial, or some very usefull information, on SpringWebService?

I got it to work by adding a default constructor, with no parameters. I think I can go on now.

Thank you anyway.


Wow, I finally succeeded in returning a complex type, after many retries and looking at the code over and over again. I got the problem fixed by... adding a default constructor, with no parameters, to my custom class...

Thank you anyway for the help (and advice to go for SpringWebService). I think I can go on now.


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