Create modules with JEE factes (EJB, WAR, EAR)

Hi all together,
I am new to IntelliJ and already did some search or my current problem with IntelliJ IDEA 12.0.4.
I would like to create a project with 3 modules, an ear, a ejb-jar and a web module.
So i create a module (JavaEE Web Module) and select the factes i am interested in like Application server and Enterprise Java Beans.
After that i switch over to the Project Structure=> artifacts and i see... nothing. I could now create the artifacts completely by hand, but it should work ( i should see a ***:ejb defined to hold my modulescompile output.

When i create a module as a blank module and add the factets afterwards by using the "Add Framework Support" almost everything is as it should be. I get predefined artifacts etc.

So my question is: Am i doing anything wrong, or is it kind of a bug?


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This is a bug, and it's fixed already in 12.1 EAP builds.
Framework selecting is not available now for non-generic project types (e.g.
Java Web).


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