IDEA is hang up when opens any project.s

I've just installed build 7041 at home and I cannot open any projects. IDEA asks me to configure TEMPLATE path variable but if I click any button on the dialog, IDEA is hang up.

I don't have this problem at office. Strange!


Even if I try to open project by b7027, it has same problem. And this is last exception in my log file

I installed both b7027 and b7041.


After trying to uninstall both b7027 and b7041 (with deleting .IntelliJIdea70), I reinstalled both of version. The problem only happens if I open a project which uses Struts facet. It has no problem with Java project with no facet.

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I found the way to work around: Copy & overwrite C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\.IntelliJIdea70\config\options\path.macros.xml from my computer at office.


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