Build 7041 - feeling about new UI for Project Settings

Here my feeling about new UI for Project Settings dialog in build 7041

+ UI looks better :)
+ The only place to add module libraries is at Modules | Dependecies.

IMO, it still need some improvement

+ Modules | Sources: It's not "Sources" only, it's structure. So it will be better to rename it from "Sources" to "Structure", "Folder Structure", or maybe "Module Structure"
+ Context menu for module should have items for module only (Delete, Find Usages and Move module to Group). If user want to Add New Module, Expand All, Collapse All, the toolbar and shortcut keys are enough. Same for libraries, JDKs, global libraries and facets.
+ Context menu should appear only when I select a node and right click. It should not display if I select that node then right click outside of it. It's usual behavior in Windows and Linux (I don't know about Mac).
+ Seems Expand All, Collapse All buttons are redundant.

Some bugs
+ Back button should be disabled when dialog is displayed the first time.
+ Cannot create JDKs if I click Add New JDK button then click JSDK. But it works if I click Add New JDK button, select the menu item and press Enter.
+ Right click on Struts facet and click "Edit facet..." doesn't work. Same if I press F4. The only way to show Struts facet configuration is click the combo box at high right corner.
+ Cannot save Struts facet settings.

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I hate the new UI. So much screen estate wasted with an extra vertical section! The main section feels very squeezed and uneasy now.

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I like the new UI, I find it clearer than the old one



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