How to set up Maven Deploy Task in IDEA 12?

The Maven Deploy Task for my project says to use the project defaults which say to use Tomcat 7.

However, when I run the deploy task within IDEA, I get the below. What do I need to fix/change?

If IDEA is using the Project Defaults for this maven deploy task, why should I have to specify anything inside the POM file???


Thanks in advance.

-- m

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-deploy-plugin:2.5:deploy (default-deploy) on project SpringEx: Deployment failed: repository element was not specified in the POM inside distributionManagement element or in -DaltDeploymentRepository=id::layout::url parameter -> [Help 1]

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Deploy plugin is not what you are expecting it to be:

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Here's one of those cases where the IDE confuses things.

In my project I have a deploy goal, and it's enabled. Confusing UI Feedback right away.

It would have been nice if the IDEA documentation covered this essential step in their otherwise excellent Wiki document:


I've had nothing but trouble using Maven.

Appreciate your reply.

- m


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