Non class resources not being copied to compiler output

Having a problem with a project on Linux I've previously been using on IntelliJ IDEA 12.0.4 on Windows without any problems.

Basically when I compile my project the non-class resources (*.properties, *.xsl, *.xml etc..) are not getting copied into the output folders.
They're also no being considered as output from the project and so don't get added into my .war artifact.

The Settings, Java Compiler, Resource Patterns look fine, and nothing is being ignored in File Types.

This has got me stumped, tried relocating my build and war output folders several times as I can't quite belive what's happening.

Anybody seen anything like this before?

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Hi Richard,

Could you provide a minimal but complete sample project which illustrates the problem?


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I found a kind of solution to my problem. The project in question is a few years old, quite complex (artifact building) and eclipse based (only stedfast IntelliJ user in the house) which means it is complicated & fragile and I copy it about rather than create fresh new ones.

My Java Compiler, Resoure Pattern did read: "?*.properties;?*.xml;?*.xsl;?*.xsd;?*.gif;?*.png;?*.jpeg;?*.jpg;?*.html;?*.js;?*.dtd;?*.tld;?*.ftl;?*.key" when I copied it over. After much late night head scrathcing I decided to quit IDEA and delete the compiler.xml from the .idea project folder. Then restarted IDEA and was quite surprised to see the resource pattern radically change to
"!?*.java;!?*.form;!?*.class;!?*.groovy;!?*.scala;!?*.flex;!?*.kt;!?*.clj" - was expecting to have to re-add custom patterns.

But the newer exclude pattern seems to work as expected on Linux/CentOS where the previous inclusive one didn't?


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