GWT UiBinder problems in IntelliJ 11.1 Ultimate

Hello Jetbrains:

I'm having some trouble with UiBinder support, anyone else notice the following problems:

Say I have 2 classes, SomeChildWidget and SomeParentWidget.

Say SomeChildWidget exists in my gwt intellij project and extends SomeParentWidget which exists on my classpath as a maven dependency.

SomeParentWidget implements HasSomeAttribute

and has both String::getSomeAttribute() and void::setSomeAttribute(String) methods.

When I use SomeChildWidget in a uibinder template file, for example:

<my:SomeChildWidget ui:field="myChildWidget" someAttribute="someCoolValue"/>

Intellij complains that someAttribute can't be used at that location yet gwt 2.5.0 handles the file without error in both dev mode and production mode. Have I stumbled on a bug; or have I misconfigured my project somehow.


Bump... Does this happen for anyone else, or just me? Does it happen in IntelliJ Ultimate 12+? Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hello, Matthew,

I cannot reproduce the problem on a test project. Is it possible to get sources of your project (or part of the project related to the problem)?

Nikolay Chashnikov
Software Developer
JetBrains, Inc
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