Roo console prematurely entering commands before I am done typing?

Hello all,

I am attempting to use the integrated Spring Roo console in IDEA, and I find that when I am typing in commands to the prompt they are being executed before I am done typing.

For example, I start the Roo Console, and I try to set my focus to a Fund class in package:

Before I can finish typing "focus --class" it has already executed the following:

// Spring Roo 1.2.3.RELEASE [rev 7fd62b6] log opened at 2013-03-04 10:42:48
// [failed] focus --class ~.domain.f

This is only a minor problem for the 'focus' command, but as you can imagine it is a HUGE PROBLEM when trying to use a command like 'field' - it is executed over and over almost every keystroke and adding lots of unwanted fields.

Is this some configuration I have accidentally enabled?



Hello Bret, I cannot reproduce it on Windows with IDEA 12.1 EAP.
What OS/Idea build do you use?


Hi Dmitry,

I am using Windows 7 SP1
IDEA 12.0.4 build #IU-123.169



Could you create a ticket for your problem with roo log attached?


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