jIDEA 12.x, Auto Deployment for Grails?

Hi I can deploy my grails app as a WAR file to my production server.

However, I was looking through the menus and I see in the "Tools" menu, a "Deployment" feature.
I thought "Hmm, does this mean I can do my deployments straight from the IDE? That would be sweet!".

With glee, I went on ahead to define my production server and allow upload through SFTP.
Interestingly enough, on the mapping tab, it seemed to want me to define deployment paths for every single plugin I was using.
That was my first hint that this tool didn't know what it was doing.

I ignored the mappings for the plugins and only did the one for my actual grails app.

After the "setup", I went Tools>Deployment>Upload to myProdServer and it starts to gather files and upload them.
Mid-way, through I decide to check on the progress of this tool from my server's end and that is when I realized this tool was not for Grails.

It dumped them in a manner that would make them unreadable by any JVM web server. It was simply copying everything in the project folder AS-IS and dumping it on the server, including things like .iml files (which are intellij project files). Needless to say, I stopped it from going any further. Why waste the bandwidth?

I am not exactly sure what the purpose of this tool in IntelliJ is, as it seems to try to play the part of a null-history source control tool i.e SVN without history.
Since it's just a blind uploader of EVERYTHING in your project folder, was this built with PHP in mind? If so, what is it doing in a Java/JVM-centric development IDE?

It would be nice if this feature could be refined more for actual deployments and specifically, for Grails. Making a change in your IDE and then instantly uploading said changes to server sounds really good and convenient.

...but if not I guess the WARS are there.

PS: how do I connect with a running production server to debug it?

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Hi,  autoupload uploads all mapped files that are inside your project. So it you need to upload only one file, only it should be mapped (see Mappings tab in server serttings).  More convenient way to upload WAR to an application server is using run/debug configuration. Create the remote one corresponding your server and set up remote staging there.


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