IDEA 11.1.5 - FreeMarker support for .html file

is it possible to add freemarker support for .html files in IDEA 11.1.5?

I've tried with template data languages setting but there is no FreeMarker in pick list.

I have some project where FreeMarker templates are in files ending with .html and not
.ftl thus Intellij complains about freemarker tags that it can't recognize them
(it is ok if file ends with .ftl but renaming all templates to .ftl extension is not an option).

Thanks in advance



There's currently no such direct possibility. One workaround is to map *.html extension to FreeMarker file type.

There's a couple of unresolved issues in our tracker which you can watch: (it's about Verlocity, but once it's done it'll be easy to add this for FreeMarker, too)


OK, thanks for that info.

Is it possible in IDEA 12?
I'd pursue manager :) to obtain licence for 12 then?


The requests are not fixed, so it's not possible. Remapping the file type is possible both in 11 and 12 versions.


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