Export/Import Settings between users, any extra precaution?


Using IJ Idea 12.04 on Linux. My fellow and I would like to synchronize out IJ Idea settings. But we have some differences:
- Path to IJ Project is different between machine
- Git user/pwd different

User1 exports the settings (all checkboxes are checked in the export screen. If User2 imports these settings, would there be anything user specific that he/she needs to change after the import?

Thanks in advance for any help.



IJ automatically converts absolute paths used at settings into relative whenever possible using variables like $PROJECT_DIR$.

From my experience, all tool binaries paths usually can't be converted because their locations are independent to project path (jdk path, mvn, gradle etc).

Regarding the vcs credentials - asked our git guy to comment here.

Note: we have a similar use-case here at IJ team itself. Our solution is to share only a sub-set of config files at vcs.



Hi Ralph,

Git settings are not exported.


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