Hi Ahmed,

thanks for the link. I am in a similar situation: I joined an all-eclipse project about half a year ago as a company newbie and after about one month decided I would dare to install my personal copy of IDEA, too. Our project lead was about to force me to uninstall it when I impressed her by generating a list of all occurrences of additions and subtractions of floats in our codebase (close to 10000 classes) within less than half an hour (using structural search) - a task one of my colleagues had already spent half a day on without getting too far.

Since then IDEA usage is at least tolerated :)



same here, working in an all IBM WSAD/RAD company, where i use my own IDEA license.

My boss is tolerating it, but that's all


I was officially reprimanded last year for using Idea on a company computer. The rationale was that my employer might be sued by the publisher for 'installing pirated software'. I showed the legal department the text of the 'personal license' AND emails from JetBrains - but that was not good enough for them.

A manager was worried - what if it generates files that can't be read elsewhere??? I pointed out that only source code and build scripts are supposed to be in the repository - no IDE configuration files.

I'm now advocating a move to Maven based builds - and the Maven integration in the current EAP's looks promising.

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Dave...we might work for the same company, although I just noticed you're from Mt. Sinai and...well, I'm not. The rationale your company is using is nearly identical to mine. Wish me luck.


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