Creating project with Git doesn't load files into project.

Hello, I want to do something extremely simple and am now extremely frustrated so I apologize if my tone is a little harsh.

On the command line its extremely easy to do what I want to do, which is checkout a repository using Git and start coding. IntelliJ is deciding that it doesn't want to show me my project. It asks me:

"Would you like to create an IntelliJ IDEA project for the sources you have checked out to [project name]."

So I say yes, then I select to Create project from existing sources. Now it's telling me that the sources for my project have been found and I see a selection of directories/files, its all of the JavaScript files and other nonsense such as the gitignore. Basically everything that is important isn't there, if I continue through the IDE loads up and shows only the selected directories/files from the prvious step, basically the IDE is ignoring my entire project and it makes editing nearly impossible. It's possible to use a tiny little menu up on the top to navigate through directories and select files to edit. I want all of my directories and files to appear in the Project view.

This is a PHP Yii app, I used PHPStorm in a trial and found it to be a very amazing app. I do more than PHP/web stuff though. I do Python, C, Lua and Shell and IntelliJ supports all of those so I bought that instead. It seems though that IntelliJ is just a lot more dumb than PHPStorm? So basically to sum it up my question is: How do I clone a Git repository? Because while IntelliJ is cloning, it's not in any way usable.

PS: I apologize if this is extremely obvious, I come from the Command Line/Vim where everything makes sense. I decided to use IntelliJ because of its extremely good linting features for JavaScript and PHP (mainly detecting typos in variables), a feature that is absent from Vim (Syntastic is the best linting library for Vim, but it is really bad for PHP).

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Hello Dillon.

Make sure corresponding plugins are enabled: PHP (comes bundled with IDEA and enabled by default if not enable it - ) you may also need Framework MVC Structure Support for your project (download and install it from repository - )
Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the reply, there was definitely no problems with my setup. Plugins are all fine, I found out a way to do this and I hope others can use these instructions so they do not have a headache like what I went through.

1. Download project with Git using the command line.

2. Create new project in IntelliJ, this step is extremely important, you must choose the right project type in order for IntelliJ to work properly. Under "Static Web", choose "Web Module", and when it asks you where you want the project, choose the path where the Git repository was cloned.

You're done, as long as the plugins are installed as formentioned, the IDE will work as if it was PhpStorm.


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