How to ignore (make invisible) a file in project view?


Using Idea CE 12.04, Linux version. I have a LibreOffice document MyDoc.odt in the root of my project. When I double click on it, the MyDoc.odt file is opened by LibreOffice Writer. This also creates a file named .~lock.MyDoc.odt# which is visible in the project view.

I have configured .gitignore to exclude these .~lock files. It is just a minir visual annoyance to see these dynamic temp files in the project view. Is there a way to tell IntelliJ Idea to ignore a certain type of files? By "ignore" I mean: don't show them in the project view, no sync, no source control, do nothing like if these files don't exist.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


How to ignore special "lock" files: Settings -> FIle Types -> Ignore files and folders -> Add to the end of the line new mask .~lock.*#;


Thank you very much, works perfectly as expected.


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