How to get GWT compiler output where I want it?

For reasons that I have to ask you to accept as a given, I need to have my GWT application be built such that all the output is available at "/Foo/bar/1.0", rather than the normal "/".

Specifically, I need the result of compiling my GWT app inside of IntelliJ to look like this:


  - Foo

    - bar

      - 1.0

         - Testing.html

         - Testing.css
             - (other files in here too, like favicon.ico, etc...)

         - WEB-INF

           -(contents left out here)

         - testing

           - testing.devmode.js
               - testing.nocache.js

The best I can seem to do is to get the Testing.html, Testing.css, etc... in the right place. I get this by setting the "Output Relative Path" for my GWT module to "/Foo/bar/1.0/" *and* the "Path Relative to DeploymentRoot" for my Web Resource Directory to the same "/Foo/bar/1.0/".

However, the "testing" directory, containing the testing.devmode.js and testing.nocache.js seem to wind up in the ~/.IntelliJIdea12/system/gwt/Project/534b2263/Test.ef6cd448/run/www/testing directory. Obviously, this means that when the Testing.html tries to include the testing/testing.nocache.js it cannot be found, and my GWT app doesn't work.

I've attached a sample project I created similar to my real project. Hopefully I'm just missing something easy, but I've been digging around for hours...

Thanks for any help!




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