intellij code formatting like PHPStorm???

Hi Everyone,
I've been using PHPStorm for over a year now, but I'm trying out IntelliJ because I need the Actionscript support. When I create a web module project in IntelliJ, everything works great except that my code does not autoformat and has no code coloring (everything is just black text). Am I missing something? PHPStorm handles both of these things automatically. Do I need to enable a setting somewhere in IntelliJ?

If this has already been discussed, feel free to give me the discussion link. I couldn't find it.

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most likely you are missing a PHP plug-in which is not bundled but can be installed from plug-in repository. If you are talking about PHP of course.

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You were right. I had to download and install the PHP plugin and it now formats my PHP, HTML, and javascript in the way I expect.
Thank you!


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