Read ANE dependencies from Maven configuration


I have a Maven/FlexMojos build that works perfectly well with IntelliJ 12.0.4.

However, in the process of adding AIR support to this project, I have an issue with dependencies that are Adobe Native Extensions (special SWC libraries that contains specific target platform implementations).

I deployed the ANE file and then added the dependency in my POM.


IntelliJ does not seem to be able to detect that this file is indeed a native extension or even a Flex library (it is simply ignored), which causes later problems when I need to package the application.

The workaround I found is to manually re-add the dependency as an ANE to my module configuration (in that manner, IntelliJ seems to manage the ANE correctly), which is not very convenient since it's not in my maven configuration. Then, I added the SWC file as a dependency so that it compiles with Maven (I don't know how to use ANE with FlexMojos yet).

I am not sure what is the correct way to manage ANEs used in my build. Is this doable without the manual addition trick ? Any suggestions are welcomed.

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As a follow up, I need to mention that I will use this Maven plugin to manage the packaging of AIR applications.
It does support dependencies of type "ane".

What I am thinking is that I would need a way that allows me to synchronize the whole AIR configuration with IntelliJ (for instance, location of the keystore, files to include in the package, etc.).
I realize this is very hard to do ; in addition, ADT does not seem to produce/accept configuration like xxx-config.xml for mxmlc.

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ANE dependencies support can be added in upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 12.1, please create a YouTrack request for that.
Keystore, files to include in the package, etc., can also be supported if there's a standard documented way to configure them. Is there?

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Thanks a lot, I will create a request.

Unforunately I believe there is no way to share an ADT configuration. I suppose the only way would be to capture the command-line arguments given to ADT from the build and have IntelliJ accept this somehow... which is not very convenient neither.


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