The new View Breakpoints dialog in version 12

One word for the revision of the View Breakpoints dialog in IJ 12:  Wha?

My gosh, I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I still have usability problems with it.  The short list:

- Adding/removing breakpoints is not quite intuitive "Oh it's these tiny buttons way over here in the upper left corner" that aren't context senstive wrt to my place in the confusing tree list on the left.
- Closing the dialog involves laser beam accuracy with the mouse to click the tiny X in the upper right corner, or remember to press the Esc key?, but wait, it's not a popup yet there are no OK/Close buttons.  The Enter key seems more apt.
- The tree list on the left is confusing. Items shift/move and disappear without rhyme or reason. Modifying the list is again non intuitive.

Maybe I'm just conditioned to the old dialog, but the benefits of the new one over the old one escape me.

Just trying to provide some, hopefully, useful feedback.


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Hello Scott,

1) What exactly do you mean by "aren't context senstive wrt to my place"?  And why new breakpoints tree is so confusing for you? Old dialog had separate tab for each breakpoint type. New one has all breakpoints in one common list with grouping by types and preview of its positions.

2) Enter key in this dialog navigates you to selected breakpoint if any. Esc just closes the popup.

3) On third issue we have some update. Now it doesn't jump to the left and right. Also we fixed some issues with ordering of items.

Thank you for the feedback!


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