Intellij and Slick2D

Hello, recently i got realy inspired with that Mojam activity, i already know some programing languages (Java, C# and C++), i was mostly using Visual Studio (i mostly used C#) for my developing. Now i realy want to test my skills out with Slick2D and some game programing, can someone describe me how should i start up with Intellij and Slick2D? What project should i create, where do i link librarys to project and natives...What project should i choose Java Module or Empty project...etc.

Thanks for your directions.


Hi Luka,

Well, googling shows that there in advice at slick forums - getting started with Slick in IntelliJ 9.0



Hello, thanks for your answer, but thath was for intellij 9, i tryed like it is i linked all libs and all, but under the point e:

e) Under 'VM Parameters' add: "-Djava.library.path=lib/natives-win32" (or -linux, or -mac) without the quotes

i dont know if i puted this correctly under Default->Application->VM Options?

Because i still cant run the project button Run is still frozen :D


Oh, I see. That should be defined at run configuration's settings under VM options section.



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