Autorefresh of Android preview in 12.0

Hello everybody,
Does anybody using IntelliJ for Android development, too?

Maybe somebody is able to solve my problem.

Because I don't like such YGWYS editors I am using the xml editor to create my layouts. This works fine in combination with the preview tab in split mode and without the "hide for non-layout files" option.

But the preview doesn't get refreshed after I switch to the underlaying styles and after saving my edits in it.

I have to open my layout file again to see the refreshed preview. (Even the click on the refresh button on the preview doesn't refresh the preview)

So, is this the expected behaviour or am I doing something wrong? Because it's really annoying, do be able to have the preview sticky but without any advantage.

Would be great if someone could tell me how I could get this problem fixed.


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Currently preview is refreshed only when related layout XML file is opened. Please, create an issue in the tracker


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