need feedback for maven errors

Would it be possible to have maven embedder (or external i guess) errror messages written in a log window easily accessible from idea ?

Currently when IDEA encounters a problem running maven there is strictly no output and you're left either reading idea.log or running an external maven to get a hold of what the cause of the failure is


What do you mean you don't see any errors?


when clicking on the "synchronize project" if maven embedder fails, there is no visual indication of any failure, just nothing happens.

Very simple case : remove your ${user.home}\.m2\settings.xml, maven embedder will fail (and rightly so), but you won't have a clue about what happened unless you go to idea.log there you will see something like
2007-06-13 22:05:46,812 INFO - n.project.MavenImportProcessor - Maven Embedder initialization failed: User settings file missing (C:\Documents and Settings\Thibaut\.m2\settings.xml).

Other messages i can find in idea.log
2007-06-13 22:28:27,781 WARN - ins.idea.maven.repo.ModelUtils - Le chemin d'accès spécifié est introuvable
translation : specified folder is not found (which one ?)


furthermore, as far as i can tell, if there is ONE error in dependencies in the pom, no libraries will be added to the classpath (and in fact, if the module had any, all of them but the jdk disappear)


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