Perform static analysis/inspections out of process

In IntelliJ 12 we have an option for out of process compilation, which great.  I'm wondering if there are similar plans to perform analysis i.e., run Inspect Code and the like, out of process?  As it stands in-process static analysis on large projects crushes any hope of working concurrently in IntelliJ and also has memory leaks (probably from inspections that store too much psi info?) Just wondering.  Thanks.

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You may start inspections in command line and load results afterwards in Inspections View (Analyze|View Offline Inspection Results). On the other hand if you'd like to have results of the "offline" inspections to be applyied in the editor, I doubt that it would make it faster or less memory hungry as there are normally so many items to highlight that interprocess interaction would cost more than just perform the analysis in-process.


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