#7002 - Inspection quick-fix marks all quick fixes in the file as invalid...

Hey all,

I was just going through some inspections in my project with the new
#7002 build and cleaning up some 'Redundant Class Cast' inspections.

Running the quick fix for one inspection hit seems to invalidate the
rest of them as if the quick fix had been applied to all occurrences in
the file (I wish!) but they hadn't.

I've not yet checked to see if its localised to this inspection or
inspections in general but thought I'd post and see if anyone else has
the same thing?

Is the a jira for it yet?

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This has been the case for most of the Selena EAP, impacting anything in any file that gets quickfixed via the inspection panel.

--Dave Griffith

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Doh :( I hadn't run any inspections for ages and not nice to hit this :( Hopefully it'll get fixed soon. Is there a jira ticket for it at all?

I seem to be getting some ClassCastExceptions on some inspections as well, not sure which ones off hand thou... runs inspections ... out of memory :( doh... will have to change my memory settings and try again :(


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