intellij idea 12 commit svn error

when i commit file,and the error happed,but when i user svn client 1.7,commit is right...;

svn: E200014: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: E200014: Base checksum mismatch on '/src/CN/wse3.0/config/spring/application_global.xml':
   expected:  dd73044f90042844c3ac1c2e97a4ca62
     actual:  ff3240282dcf7f97954b48d4c7882374
svn: E175002: PUT of '/repos/smartenergy/!svn/wrk/478f0fd0-3b01-0010-b7ba-a169a6103fac/src/CN/wse3.0/config/spring/application_global.xml': 500 Internal Server Error (

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I have the same problem with Idea 12.04

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Same problem is reported here:
We are in the process of fixing this
Sorry for inconvenience


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