Maven pom.xml is marked with RED line, but Maven runs fine

Hi there,

The IntelliJ my Maven plugin config in pom.xml file as RED error with the following:


The IntelliJ marks "env.MAVEN_OPTS" as error.

How can I get rid of this RED marking? The pom is working as we wanted, and it runs fine.


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What is your OS? How do you set MAVEN_OPTS?

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Thanks for the reply. I am using Windows XP. We would use the MAVEN_OPTS value when running the project using Maven on command line, and usually set through the .profile (I am using cygwin). So our PC env has no MAVEN_OPTS defined, nor should the IDE have it defined. Our project works fine on its own, and in IntelliJ, and we don't need to run the full maven test suite inside the IDE, so I see no reason why IntelliJ needs to go on enforcing to users to define "${env.XXX}" value. I need this red error to stop highlighting.



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