Anyway to Make IntelliJ IDEA run command line commands


Anyway to Make IntelliJ IDEA run command line commands.

I am working with git and subversion some sometimes I need to run "gut svn dcommit".  I know the current version of IntelliJ does not support it but can I somehow make a button on the screen to run the command


You can configure command line commands to execute via the "External Tools" feature. Go to File > Settings > [IDE Settings] > External Tools to create an External Tool definition. I've never done it with Subversion, but it should work. Just use the svn executable as the "Program" in the settings dialog. There are some pretty useful variables and macros you can define. See the Help for more information. I've used this feature to run SCP commands among other things.

Once you complete the definition, to use, go to the Tools menu. On it will be your external tool groups any ones not put into a group.

Another option for you, at least on Windows, is to create an External Tools definition to run cmd.exe. When you run it, it will give you a terminal session in the "run" tool window. Then, assuming svn is in your path, you can run the svn command manually.


thanks.. I try it tomorrow... good night.... starting to love this tool so much


yes.  I tested it today and it worked... yahoo... this is great


I can't believe there is no possibility to create run configuration for command line tool. Am I missing something? This should work without workarounds, just like running the other tools, builds or servers?!

The working with terminal is not the solution especially if you want to share your tools with others in the team.


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