IDE Lock-ups

I've been trying to track down a problem with Selena, with the following symptoms:

- IDE locks up for up to 60 seconds
- Hard disk thrashes immensely

This appeared to be happening on an increasingly regular basis and was frustrating to say the least.

So I fired up Sys Internal's process monitor, to see what IDEA was reading off the hard disk and came up with the following (Windows XP, using Subversion 1.4)

IDE Lock-ups:
1) Every so often IDEA looks like it's scanning the working copy "entries" and "format" files for the project, I'm assuming to check the current VCS status of source code. However, for some reason it's also attempting to open SVN working copy "entries" and "format" files for every directory and file contained within the project compiler output directory. This appears to be one of the major causes of the freezes I'm seeing - in one instance, IDEA attempted to open 35,000 files in a scan and almost 20,000 of those files were "entries" and "format" files which don't exist.

2) Every so often, usually triggered by the CTRL-ALT-SPACE smart completion, IDEA will open and scan all the mni.dat files within the system/caches directory. This absolutely kills IDEA - I've had lockups for up to a minute with this one, with my hard disk just completely churning.

3) Every so often, usually triggered by the CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-SPACE smart completion, IDEA will open and parse every file of the following file types: plain text, XSD, XML and properties.

4) When I modify or add a new module, and then hit OK on the project settings dialog, IDEA then carries out an SVN working copy scan (see number 1) and also checks the timestamp on every source file. Sometimes however it does this more than once, which may be triggered by hitting apply first then OK without changing anything.

IDE Oddities:
1) IDEA appears to monitor the module/project files and SVN "entries" files of source-paths for all projects which have been opened since IDEA was started. Even if you close the project, it continues to monitor them, which I found a little strange.

2) While on the Project settings dialog, it constantly scans the project compiler output path. On my system, it's scans this folder approximately 20 times a second.

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