Change the type of project?

Hello all,

I'm using Maven (1 and 2) to generate the IntelliJ project files. Doing so, however, prevents me from specifiying a web resources directory, etc, since Maven generates a standard Java project, instead of a web project. So far, I haven't figured out (I don't thinks it's possible) to change the type of project.

So, I was wondering: is it possible to change the project type in IntelliJ 7? (eg. from standard Java to Web module??)

Thanks, Erik

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Hello Erik,

When using maven1 and IDEA6, I usually edit the generated .iml and change
the type to "J2EE_WEB_MODULE".
A bit of a hassle, but you'll need to do it only once.


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I agree that it's quite a hassle.. I usually create web app project first, copy that file to /tmp , than generate the classpath etc, and than copy it back. Also not a great solution, so I was hoping for a better solution than the one(s) I currently have.


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