Debugger - 'Watches' window oddity

In the debugger 'Variables' and 'Watches' panels, if you want to set the value of a variable being watched, you can use the mouse to open the context menu and select 'Set Value...'.

However, in the 'Watches' panel, the 'Set Value...' menu entry gives 'F2' as the shortcut key, but here 'F2' edits the watch expression or variable name, not the current value. There is an inconsistency here, as 'Set Value' is interpreted differently for mouse and keyboard. In fact, on second look, 'F2' appears twice on the 'Watches' context menu, once for 'Edit Watch...' and once for 'Set Value...'

In the 'Variables' panel, 'F2' edits the variable value as expected.

For consistency, the 'F2' key should edit the value in the 'Watches' panel, not the expression/variable. Perhaps Shift-F2 or Ctrl-F2 could be used to edit the expression/variable.

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Dave Lorde

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Could you please file an issue for this?

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Done IDEA-12905


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