Roots Switches


IntelliJ contains a couple of predefined special changesets in the Changes window. One of those is called Roots Switches and it displays for each module the checked out branch. Very handy.

Now for my question: Does anyone know under which conditions this Roots Switches changeset is shown?
For some of my projects, it is not there, and I miss it :) If there is some way to enable it for those projects, I'd really like to know!




Possibly it's related to the Version Controll Directory mapping. It seems there are some bugs in that area:

Currently I cannot reproduce this, so let me know if you can.

Best regards,


Ah, thanks.

Looks like it's I'm dealing with here.
I opened a project with in VCS settings only the project mapped to CVS, and there were no Root Switches. After removing the mapping and adding mappings for the separate modules, the Root Switches appeared.

I'm also able to reproduce
If you need anymore info from me, please say so (here, or in either of the Youtrack issues).



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