"Quick find" ant targets hard to use: project name prepended

Our company source code has a master build file and multiple build files. The master build file as well as all the child build files have the name attribute set in the project tag. So it's something like





The problem is that sometarget would be listed in the ant build pane as My System child build tasks.sometarget. To quickly find the target I can't type in *sometarget. I have to type in * * *.som<-- starts matching now... Our build files have nearly a 100 targets so I don't want to scroll through the targets.

This affects both IntelliJ 6.0 and Selena. Some time in the past the build pane used to only show the ant target name... can we get that behavior back?


well, no takers, but I hate this change as well. I'd certainly like the ability to turn off the target prefixes, as I also work with complex ant build projects.


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