Search files in folders (<ctrl>+<n>)


I have a feature request: (small extension)
This funktion to find files (<ctrl>+<n>) is great.
I still miss a setting, that full folder is included in this seach indeed only file names.
May I am only blind to find this. But when not, It would be nice it come in a few next Update/Version.
(I do not know about the effort for this feature...)

gz Desian

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+1 and when I copy paste a file name with extension(, it would be nice, if it found it.

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I made a mistake.
(<ctrl>+<n>) is class search
I mean (<ctrl>+<shift>+<n>). It work just for files fine.
per example: I want type "my/path/to/.." and as result the select box with files in this folder.

gz Desian


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