usability improvements

i've got 2 suggestions to improve the autocompletition:
when i autocomplete an abstract class or interface, i have no chance to tell idea which type parameters to use. if i'm going to implements some methods taking generic parameters, i have to
a) autocomplete
b) delete everything except the constructor call
c) add the type parameter
d) autocomplete again
e) fix the small stuff -> (,{,},;,)

a "generify this anonymus class using type parameters x and y" feature would help here. the already existing method signatures should be changed. also, i should be asked about the type parameters when autocompleting.

also, if i want to replace something like
new ActionListener()
new SubclassofActionListener()
same implementation as above

another abstract method implementation

i have to do it manually. there is no way to autocomplete the constructor call without breaking the code below.


70 readers and no comments?

I am not immediately concerned about generics support, because I am working on a project, which still has to run under java 1.3 (!).

However, parameter-aware autocompletion would be really nice. Could probably work like live templates, where you have a chance to edit e.g. method parameters or loop variables "in place".


jira issued it. forgot link.


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