Ant <import>: base dir changes within idea to that of included file

Anyone else seeing this?

When using ]]>, idea starts highlighting some property definitions and
references in red incorrectly. When hovering over those definitions, the paths
specified in the properties all have the path of the last included file.

for example:

in global-defs.xml:



in build.xml:


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clicked the post button too quickly...

In the PROJECT.db.src definition, the /src/db are marked red in idea since the
resolution of ${PROJECT.root} is relative to the global-defs.xml location.

This only happens in IDEA. It did not use to be the case in older versions and
it definitely is not the case when being used by ant as the files end up in the right
places. It is annoying however, since when attempting to commit this file to VCS
it shows up in the list of errors picked up as part of the code analysis performed
prior to checking in.

Is there a way around this?

I could not find a JIRA item related to this, so I guess I should file one...




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