No console output when debugging chrome - Intellij idea 12.02

I have a javascript project.
I am using intellij idea 12.02
I saw a few posts on this but dont quite understand what the status is right now.
Question 1.
when debugging in firefox , all the output comes to the the intellij console. (console.log , ReferenceError ..etc)
when debugging with chrome , the output goes to the chrome browser console (development tools) only and the intellij console is empty.
how do I get the output to also be redirected to the idea console with chrome

Question 2 : each time I debug with chrome I get a "Jetbrain chrome extension is debugging this tab.." and I have to click it to continue
is there anyway , to avoid having to do this each time ?


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1) It is Google Chrome bug, we cannot fix it — IDE Debugger is not working if Web Inspector is opened.
2) It is Google Chrome bug, we cannot fix it —


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