Javascript Debugger doesn't refresh source code automatically , must Reload File(v12.02)

I am running a Node JS server locally and have client side javascripts.
I run the server and then run a second java script debug configuration (remote) with local host url.
when I reach a breakpoint in a module the module source code displayed  is not updated to the latest changes (the source code displayed is a cached path is http://localhost:8080/.......)
I MUST Manually press the "Reload File" button on the top left corner of the source code window.
Is this by design ? Not sure that v 11 behaved the same way

The thing is that the latest code is loaded into the browser and runs correctly with the new changes , only the debugger does not display the updated code until  I manually "Reload Page" and its pretty confusing.
this seems like a bug and is pretty annoying.
is there any workaround ? I would expect the debugger to display the updated source code.

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If I understand you correctly, remote file is opened instead of source file, right? It seems remote file mapping is not configured properly, please see Run/Debug configuration settings — "Remote URLs of local files", specify "Remote URL" for project.


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