Pegged processor, no redraw, after safe delete attempt

I setup an inspection profile specifically to find unused code, found about
300 unused methods, and started deleting those. The first few deletes went
fine, but then, I tried to delete about 7 methods at once to make it go faster.
I let IDEA run with it for about 20 minutes, with the processor pegged,
but no redraw. Attached is a stack trace from jstack (using JDK 6).

Probably useful info: Build 6913, JDK 1.6.0 (no update), WinXP, ms=128m,



Attachment missing?

Sorry -- here it is.



Hello Michael,

Hard to say ... seems that "Safe delete" checks smth. How do you invoke safe
delete, which parameters do you check? CPU snapshot? Any steps to reproduce?

Thank you.


Anna Kozlova
JetBrains Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"

>> Attachment missing?

Sorry -- here it is.



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