How do you access the SDK menu inside a project?

I am using Intellij IDEA 12.02.2 Build 123.123 and I have installed the Ruby (I believe used for RubyMine) plugin.  I chose IntelliJ over RubyMine as we also develop PHP, JS apps, and Flash apps in our shop.

When creating a new ruby project I am prompted to select an SDK but after I get into a project I'm unable to find this menu.  Could someone point me in the right direction?

We use rbenv for our ruby versions and install gems into the vendor folder inside each project.  Trying to figure out how to change these settings w/o re-creating the project


To create or edit SDK definitions: File > Project Structure > [Platform Settings] > SDKs

To configure the SDK for a project: File > Project Structure > [Project Settings] > Project > Project SDK

A module can also set/override the SDK: File > Project Structure > [Project Settings] > Modules > {Module} > [Dependencies Tab] > Module SDK



Thank you! I was looking in Project Settings up and down..


Glad to help. The difference between Project Settings and Project Structure dialogs can be confusing when new to the IDE.


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