Will Intellij add support develop to Playbook using flash?

Since adobe air should support playbook development. There only android and ios supported now. Just want to ask if intellij will add support target to playbook.


Corresponding request lives for 1.5 years but collected only 5 votes. IntelliJ IDEA team plans depend only on market requirements. So far Flash development for Blackberry doesn't seem to be popular enough.


Thanks. :^O

Since the blackberry 10 will release soon. My clients told me to have a playbook version.

Just don't wannt switch back to Flash Builder.


At the moment I don't know full workflow with Flash for Blackberry development. But IntelliJ IDEA is very flexible and I think it is possible to configure some workaround that would allow to achieve the goal. At least I have seen some attempts with IntelliJ IDEA 10. Probably there are some more recent workarounds in the Internet.


Thanks. I will look at that. ;)


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