New to intellij Idea 12.0.2, How do I delete projects

I am new to Jntellij Idea 12.0.2, How do I delete projects from the IDEA list.  Also I am moving over from Eclipse.  Can someone please tell me the pros on using IntelliJ so maybe I can talk some of the Eclipse users into using this product too..

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You can delete a recent project from the Welcome Screen by highlighting it an hitting the del key. You can not directly delete a single project from the list on the File > Reopen menu. You would need to close all projects and do it from the welcome screen. From the menu you can clear all projects (menu item down on the bottom).

As for the Eclipse vs IntelliJ IDEA question... to me there are a million reasons. They can all be summed up by saying that IDEA is a joy to use. You do not have to fight it. It offers so many features without getting in your way. And it just works. I've always found that the key to "winning" the which is better battle is to get the others to just try IDEA. You can fire features lists back and forth. Talk about the advantages. But in the end, it is all meaningless until they just sit down and try it. Nearly 100% of the people I have had do that have come away admitting IDEA is a nicer IDE. Ask them to try it at least for a week. 30 days is better. But see if they will commit to a week. Or even a day if that is all they are willing.

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Hi there,


You can only see pros and cons when you actually start using this product yourself, because there is always something that may be convenient for one user and unacceptable for another.


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