Packaging Tapestry 5 resources

ATM I'm using Intellij Idea 12.0.2 on MacOSX 10.6.8 to work with Tapestry 5 application.
One specific thing is that my application is started as a standalone Java application by using a custom Jetty server launcher. So during the application startup, the project output path is used as CLASSPATH.

During tapestry .java page compilation in Idea 11.x a corresponding .tml template is packaged properly to the project output folder.
But Idea 12 doesn't do this anymore, iow only java T5 page is compiled, T5 templace is left as it is.

I've checked Project Settings->Compiler->Resource patterns options is extended with *.tml
Did I miss something? or may be the feature is not supported by Idea12 anymore?


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No news? Hmm IC, back to 11.x version! ?:|

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Is your project imported from Maven?

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I can say so.
Initially the project was imported from Maven, but it was done by using IDEA 10 or 11, unfortunately I don't remember exactly.
Now this imported project was just opened in IDEA 12.


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