Now, about the GROOVY plugin...

Hey I appreciate the activity my last posting created for the Scala plugin, nothing wrong with that, but as far as groovy goes....

I've downloaded the source but it is not yet recognizing any of the intellij libraries. Do I need to download them seperately? Is the build part of the distribution and how do I go about building and installing the plugin? I would like to help in whatever capacity possible.


To get the intellij libraries, you need to configure an IntelliJ SDK, rather than just a Java SDK. For language plugins, you'll probably also need to add ${IDEA.DIR}/lib/idea.jar to it. If you create a plugin module (rather than a standard Java module) for the plugin, it will give you some options to ease deployment as well.

--Dave Griffith


Actually we indeed need the help with supporting Grails. Since we here just don't have enough experience with it, it would be nice if someone could direct us to what particular actions Grails IDE should have or even help us with the implementation.



Hi Eugene!
I would be very happy to help in any way possible although I'm not a Grails contributing developer and have no experience with developing plugins. I'm developing an application in Grails right now using intellij so I think I can help. My primary desire (after Groovy language support) is to get IDEA to recognize GSPs, GSP taglibs, etc. If I can pull up a GSP and not have a bunch of red lines everywhere and some auto completion that would make my day. To be truly enterprise level it would also need debugging capabilities but I could wait on that. If IDEA handled GSPs as well as it does JSPs, that alone would make IDEA far better for Grails development than anything else. There is an "IDE Integration Proposal" on the Grails website. Some of it sounds pretty easy and other parts would be pretty tough. Here is the wish list for IDE support from the Grails site at:
(reprinted here)

  • Wizards to create Grails artifacts like controllers/domain objects and so on. Unlike Rails, Grails doesn't do any background configuration with its command line tools so these can merely be simple wizards

  • Running a Grails server embedded in the IDE and being able to step debug the application. Groovy provides all the information in the classes necessary to enable step debugging of Groovy code

  • Code navigation with keyboard shotcuts and CTRL+click between Grails artifacts like controllers domain classes etc.

  • Code completion for things like dynamic finders and persistent methods like save/delete/findAll/findBy* on domain classes

  • Auto-completion of Grails tags in GSPs

  • Integration of an embedded Grails console to be able to execute arbitrary scripts against a running application

  • Being able to right-click execute Grails unit tests and get green/red bars etc.

  • Being able to right-click on a Grails project and execute all unit tests

  • Being able to right-click on a domain class and click generate to generate a controller and views for CRUD

  • Better editor support for groovy files. This means autocompletion and so on.

  • Special outline views for Domain-Classes, Controllers and Views

  • Graphical editor for Domain Classes, with a UML-like or ER-like view

  • The IDE should hook into Grails' upcoming plug-in architecture to be able to do things like auto-find new executable scripts, download and install new plug-ins etc.

  • Integration of every Servlet-Container to test the Grails-App. The best solution were intergration into webtools

  • XP Refactor support (e.g. rename methods/groovy file names and cascade changes to all dependencies)


Hi Eugene, just wondering how the development of the Grails plugin is coming along..

I'm really interested in the work you guys are doing, and having some code completion or refactorings would be quite handy..



I'm really interested in the work you guys are doing, and having some
code completion or refactorings would be quite handy..

I might be wrong, but I believe that the source is at:

I haven't tried downloading it, but the checkin comments from the past few
weeks look very promising.



Hi Erik,

From language side we are now almost finished with the parser, and formatter will follow. From Grails side we are now making different generators triggerable from IDEA. And yes, the sources are located at the URL Michael has given.


Hi Eugene!
That is wonderful news! Is there any chance that a groovy plugin development page could be created, like the one for the Ruby plugin? Obviously one that is very simple but could monitor the progress of the plugin.

Also, how can I help out with the effort?


Hi Eugene,

This is really great news! Will you also presenting your tool / IDE support at the Grails Exchange? (which is moved to October, which gives you guys way to much time to finish the Grails stuff! ;))


i'd like to play around with the plugin. how to plug it in? i couldn't find a compiles version


The version currently in repository should compile. Just don't forget to add tools.jar to IDEA jdk.


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