Debug not working in IntelliJ12 Ultimate

I just upgraded to intellij idea 12 ultimate and my debugger is not working.

While debugging execution doesn't stop at debug point.

I did not have this problem with intellij idea 11.


Hi Nikhil,

Please make sure that your sources are compatible with binaries, i.e. you don't have the same problem as here.



This is interesting. I have sort of the same issue in 12.0.2.

I'll be on a breakpoint, but when I hit F8, rather than going to the next line of code, I get the message that the "Application is Running." My only workaround is to put the breakpoint on the next line of code so I can see the variables created on the line before it.

Debugging seems to be broken -- at least in some contexts. Not sure what's going on here.

My guess is that for whatever reason, IDEA is running all the code in the background more slowly than before.

If I'm a line of code that says something like:

debug>>>> List<Object> cityResults = dao.getCityInfo(city);

and hit F8, IDEA just says: "Application is running." I've waited for several minutes in some cases, but IDEA doesn't land on the next line. Just seems that things are very slow here.

Not sure that's what's happening in your case, but this is something I've noticed in IDEA 12.

- m


A tracker's ticket with a sample project is welcomed.



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