Resource bundle navigation: not ideal?

Hi there,

I just had to fix some translations in some resource bundles and I found
myself trying to guess key combinations that would do the following:
- when in text mode, jump to the corresponding entry in other language files
- being notified through an inspection when an entry is missing translations
in other languages (like the red highlighting when in the resource bundle
tab, but when in text mode, so not to have to go to the structure tab)
- having an intention that allows me to create the entry in the language
files it is missing from (starting with the value in the current edited file
would be ok)
- navigating to the resource bundle structure/editor tab and have it select
the key I'm editing in the properties file (so as to easily enter the translations
if I want to work with that structured editor).

Couldn't find any of the above. Is any of the above already implemented?


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