Linking src/groovy dependencies between Grails Modules

I created a project and Grails module ( NEW_MODULE ) in Intellij IDEA 12.0.2.

I then linked an existing Grails module ( LIB_MODULE ) to the new project.

In the Module Settings -> Modules -> Dependencies of NEW_MODULE I added the LIB_MODULE module.

In the code browser everything resolves fine.

But when I run the "grails compile" statement I get errors of "unable to resolve

It looks like it resolves LIB_MODULE/src/java classes fine, but cannot find LIB_MODULE/src/groovy.

I'm not sure that it's passing the imported module's classpath when calling "grails" targets.

I'm still trying to get used to dependency/buildpath link of modules in Intellij when I try and recreate what I do in Eclipse with projects.

Am I doing this incorrectly or can this not be done?

Thanks for you help.


Grails can't know about dependencies between modules configured in IDEA. Are you sure that LIB_MODULE/src/java resolves fine?
May be you have to use LIB_MODULE as grails plugin.


Yeah, that's what I was trying to avoid. It would be nice to be able to edit the LIB_MODULE on the fly without having to compile and install in the NEW_MODULE on each change.

We're trying to maintain a repository of reusable code across projects, dozens.

In Java projects before we could link src and edit both at the same time but I guess there's no way to pass folders to the ant.groovyc at this time for grails compile.

Once the code in LIB_MODULE is stable it won't be updated as much and we don't mind exporting as plugin or just a jar for inclusion in new modules but it's kind of a hindrance to initial development.

The only reason LIB_MODULE is a Grails module is that's what you get when you choose Groovy module in Intellij, code really only exists in src/java and src/groovy.

If anybody has some similary workflows and found a solution I would love to hear about it.




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