Not all "Check for updates in channel" options are working.

Hello Idea Community,

In my opinion the updates support in IDEA is one of its persistent weakness.

I know if you skip an EAP update you cannot update to subsequente EAP versions. I know there is no updated support between major releases.
But today I've tried the recently anounced 12.0.2 RC using the Beta release and public previews channel. Currently I have installed the 12.0.1 FINAL version (Build:123.94, Released: December 20, 2012), and I it was supposed IDEA would grab this RC ((ideaIU-123.116)) through this update channel. But of course this was not working.  

So I don't understand the meaning of the updated channels in IDEA and the whole update mechanims.

Could anyone explain how this update support is working in idea so as I can benefit from it and prevent manual downloading and installing updates over and over again?

Thank you in advance.

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Unfortunately we are not using the beta/RC channels as we had expected to be using them. For now, the only channels where you can receive new build notifications are the EAP and release channels.


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