6913: path macros are not recognized/used anymore

Does anyone notice this or it's just something weird about my installation?
All my global libraries definitions are now in red, because they are located in some common directories, defined my path macros.
Newly defined libraries do not recognize macros as well and path is stored as plain vanilla physical path.

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Same thing here. Since Build: 6913.
Path Variables will be ignored

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David Schlechtweg

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I wonder if it has to do with the fact that the option to store paths outside of the project dir as relative vs. absolute has gone (at module level).

You might want to try switching the project wide option.

Is the "plain vanilla physical path" stored relative or absolute in the module file?

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I still see this settings at module level as it use to be. I am talking about macros expansion not working for global libraries, so any such setting is not applicable.
And it seems like it works fine for various project and module level libraries. Both user-defined and implicit (like $PROJECT_DIR$) are used and recognized.
Anyway it seems to be a bug and Jira issue is already there:



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